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The Paralegal's Guide for Ethical Use of Social Media

  • 04/26/2019
  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Audio Webinar

REGISTER: https://ipe.nbi-sems.com/ProductDetails/The-Paralegal-s-Guide-for-Ethical-Use-of-Social-Media/Audio-Webinar/82306ER_CACAPET429400000?pt=1

Program Description

Using Social Media in an Ethical Manner

Social media is an effective networking tool. However, paralegals must be aware of the ethical issues surrounding their social media use. Discover how online networking can create risks that might not be readily apparent. Take a closer look at how ethical issues, such as inadvertent creation of client relationships and/or unauthorized practice of law, can inadvertently arise in the social media context. Remain ethically compliant - register today!

  • Find a balance between connecting on social media while remaining ethically compliant.
  • Discuss the ethical implications of revealing clients' confidential information.
  • Explore how paralegals can compliantly use social media as an investigative tool.
  • Review ways to avoid unauthorized practice of law.

Who Should Attend

This intermediate level course will allow attendees to uncover potential ethical pitfalls when using social media. Those who should attend include:

  • Paralegals
  • Legal Assistants
  • Legal Support Staff

Course Content

  1. Staying Connected Without Violating Ethical Rules
  2. Disclosure of Confidential Client Information
  3. Investigating via Social Media - What Paralegals Need to Know
  4. "Friending" Clients, Judges, Opposing Parties, etc. - Understanding the Implications
  5. Following Advertising and Marketing Rules
  6. Avoiding Unauthorized Practice of Law

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