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Advanced Investigative Techniques for Paralegals

  • 09/04/2024
  • 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • webcast

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Develop Actionable Strategies for Your Next Legal Investigation

How confident are you in your abilities to locate people and gather critical background information? Are you up to speed on the latest tips and tricks for organizing investigation results? What are the dos and don'ts of using technology in an investigation? In this paralegal-focused program, our expert faculty unveil real-world tips for conducting effective investigations. Don't miss this opportunity to hone your skills - register today!

  • Find out the top mistakes paralegals make when conducting interviews.
  • Master the art of requesting public records.
  • Uncover practical tips and tricks for organizing investigation results.
  • Develop strategies for using technology to your advantage during legal investigations.
  • Hear expert insights into conducting surveillance.

*Any mention of specific products in this program is intended as part of a general overview and does not constitute IPE's endorsement or recommendation of any specific product or provider. This program is not sponsored by any technology or electronics provider.

Abbreviated Agenda

  1. Challenges in Gathering Background Information and Locating People
  2. 10 Worst Mistakes Paralegals Make With Interviews
  3. The Art of Requesting Public Records
  4. Organizing Investigation Results - Cutting-Edge Techniques
  5. Mastering the Bluebook
  6. Strategic Use of Technology in Legal Investigations
  7. Advanced Strategies for Conducting Effective Surveillance
  8. The Paralegal’s Guide to Avoiding Ethical Issues

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