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Paralegals' Complete Guide to Lien Management in Personal Injury Cases

  • 07/31/2024
  • 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • webcast

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Practical Tips and Sample Forms for Meticulous Lien Management

Overlooking or neglecting liens can lead to severe consequences for the client and your attorney. This focused, full-day guide will show you how to stay organized and in control of liens from identification to distribution of settlement funds so you can mitigate pitfalls and contribute to successful case resolutions. Implement best practices for efficient lien tracking and resolution - register today!

  • Learn how to effectively identify and gauge the validity and priority of liens early in the case.
  • Discover practical tips for tracking liens as the case progresses.
  • Get real-world insights for negotiating reductions and payment plans with healthcare providers.
  • Determine the best approaches to dealing with health and auto insurance liens.
  • Navigate the process of resolving Medicare conditional payments.

Abbreviated Agenda

  1. Identifying All Potential Liens and Notifying Lienholders
  2. Creating a Comprehensive Lien Log: Tracking Liens, Resolutions, Dates, and Deadlines
  3. Negotiating Reductions With Healthcare Providers
  4. Reducing and Resolving Insurance Company Liens
  5. Resolving Medicare and Medicaid Liens
  6. Tips for Managing Workers' Comp and Other Government Liens
  7. Drafting Release Agreements and Distributing Funds
  8. Paralegal Ethics

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