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A Time Management Guide for Paralegals: How to Manage Interruption, Multitask and More

  • 07/23/2024
  • 11:00 AM - 2:15 PM
  • Webcast

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Manage Time and Improve Workflow

Do you find yourself running short of time? Are you actively seeking new ways to become more organized and improve your workflow? Time management not only saves time but increases productivity. In this course, you will explore the fundamental elements of time management and ways to promote a healthy workflow. Register today!

  • Use technology to help you work smarter not harder.
  • Discover secrets to multitasking: the art of juggling, delegating, and its effect on productivity.
  • Organization and making your workspace your happy place.
  • Overcome distractions, time-wasting, and procrastinating.

*Any mention of specific products in this program is intended as part of a general overview and does not constitute IPE's endorsement or recommendation of any specific product or provider. This program is not sponsored by any technology or electronics provider.

Abbreviated Agenda

  1. Managing Assignments and Making Functional Timelines
  2. Improving Workflow: Working Smarter Not Harder
  3. How to Avoid Wasting Time and Minimize Distractions
  4. Multitasking and Productivity: Is There a Right Way?
  5. Organization: The Best Ways to Keep Files (and Your Workspace) Organized
  6. Email Management, Clearing the Inbox Properly

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