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Making Your Case: Effective and Efficient Tools for Legal Staff and New Attorneys

  • 10/07/2016
  • 7:45 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Seattle University

This program offers practical advice and tools for the small firm or solo practitioner to conduct intake calls and preliminary investigation; communicate ethically with and collect information from clients and lay witnesses through best practices for interviews; work with experts; set up and facilitate focus groups on a variety of levels; and tell your client's story to the mediator or the court of both through visual tools and written communication. 

The Sessions during the day are as follows:

Session 1 - Intake Calls, Documentation, and Preliminary Investigation
        Moderator:  Jessica Vick, Friedman Rubin
        Panelists: Michelle Shaw, Rapid Return
                       Steven Shaw, Shaw Legal Solutions

Session 2 - Best Practices for Interviews
         Speakers: Dee Taylor, Friedman Rubin
                        Rebecca Horst, Kilpatrick Townsend

Session 3 - The Care and Feeding of the Expert Witness
          Speakers:  Jessica Vick, Friedman Rubin
                          Angela Macey-Cushman, JD, RN,                                       Attorney at Law

Session 4 - Effective Focus Groups
         Speakers: Shea McVaugh, Focus Group Center
                         Dee Taylor, Friedman Rubin

Session 5 - From the Focus Group to the Jury
         Speakers: Don Bauermeister, Friedman Rubin

Session 6 - Visualize Your Case:  Telling the Client's Story                   in Images
         Speakers: Amiee L. Cammilleri, Medical Illustrator,                         BioMed Illustrations
                        Dee Taylor, Friedman Rubin

Session 7 - Mediation
          Moderator:  Jessica Vick, Friedman Rubin
          Panelists: Kenneth McEwan, Pacific ADR
                         Peter O'Neil, Attorney at Law

Session 8 - Ethics in Client and Witness Communication
         Speakers: Erica W. Temple, WSBA Disciplinary                                 Counsel



General Registration (in-person): $225.00

SU School of Law Alumni (in-person): $195.00


General Registration (in-person) : $150.00

Paralegal/Legal Staff - Employee of SU Law Alumni/WSPA Member (in-person): $125.00



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