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Virtual Paralegal - The Levey Law Group - Tacoma, WA

01/03/2020 1:45 PM | WSPA Bevins (Administrator)

About Our Firm

We are a small, fast-paced, and rapidly growing law firm devoted to Family Law in Tacoma.  Our mission is to provide value to clients above and beyond providing exemplary legal representation. 

About the Job

We are looking for an experienced Family Law Paralegal to do remote work for us.  The position would start off as part-time to grow into full-time within several months.  

Your main responsibilities (in no particular order) will be as follows:

  1. Coordinating and noting (docketing/scheduling) court motions, hearings, etc., and drafting and filing the necessary pleadings—usually via e-filing.
  2. Drafting temporary and final court orders and circulating them for review and signatures.
  3. Drafting pleadings including declarations.
  4. Drafting legal correspondence.
  5. Helping the attorney prepare cases for conferences, hearings, mediations, arbitrations, and trial.
  6. Promulgating discovery requests (including subpoenas) and drafting responses to discovery requests served on us.
  7. Communicating with clients regarding all aspects of their case, and responding to their requests and concerns with guidance from the attorney when necessary.
  8. Managing work that you or others assign to other staff, e.g., to a legal assistant.
  9. Coordinating with in-house staff.


1.     Paralegal certificate.
2.     High school diploma required.
3.     Professional appearance, manners, and attitude.  
4.     Ideally, three to five years of being a Family Law Paralegal.  However, we are less concerned with how many years of experience you have than we are with how many experiences you have gained and mastered during those years.  Further, while skills and experience are required, appreciated, and valued, personality, character, intelligence, and integrity will be paramount considerations.  
5.     Proficient in MS Word, Excel, and Outlook.
6.     Familiar, if not proficient, with FamilySoft.
7.     Experience with Macs preferred but not essential.
8.     No smoking on site when in office (some of us are sensitive to cigarette smoke).
9.     Must provide own phone, internet, computer, etc…

 Pay and Benefits

Up to $30.00/hr. (depending on your experience) with benefits to be discussed at your interview.  

Instructions for Applying

Please note that your ability and willingness to follow these instructions explicitly will play a big role in whether you will be considered for this position.

Supply us with a cover letter and resume, both in PDF format.

Send to: info@kleveylaw.com 

These documents should be in 11-pt. Arial.  In your cover letter, write a few paragraphs describing why you feel you would be a good fit for this position.  Also, in the subject line of your letter, write your name backwards (paying attention to case) and list the name either of your favorite movie or book (also backwards and paying attention to case).  For example, if your name is Emily Jones and your favorite movie is Casablanca, then your subject line would appear like this: “Re: senoJ ylimE, acnalbasaC”.  

JIS and DSHS background checks will be conducted prior to a job offer being extended.  References will be contacted.  

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