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Personal Injury Paralegal - Mark Baumann P.S. - Port Angeles, WA

08/27/2021 3:45 PM | Anonymous

Seeking contract paralegal for personal injury work

By: Mark Baumann

Hourly rate: your normal

I am a solo attorney looking for a contract paralegal to help me with a simple auto accident case in Washington. You can work remotely on your own schedule. A basic petition needs to be filed by September 10, 2021. I am experienced with family law, but not with PI cases. I am also interested in exploring the practicality of using PI cases for survivors of domestic violence, and I am hoping my auto accident case will be a useful learning opportunity for this goal. 

If you are only interested in helping DV survivors with PI claims as a standalone case or as part of a dissolution, please feel free to contact me.

My resume is on www.markbaumann.com

I also own and operate the Conflict Science Institute, where we develop techniques for client counseling and interviewing, a conflict psychology model, and explore how biopsychosocial models of human behavior and thought impact client narratives and decision making. I’m not hiring for this work, but I am always willing to share thoughts and hear your questions. Some of the articles on the ConflictScienceInstitute.com web site explain foundational science we use and some ways we apply conflict science.

Please contact me and send your resume to Mark@MarkBaumann.com.

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